Q. Does the PhotoBooth print images on the night?
A. Yes, each of your guests will receive their very own memento of your event. It takes 15 seconds to print a set of four images.

Q. How many images can it take?
A. As many as you can possibly take. To infinity and Beyond!

Q. How do we get the booth to your event?
A. Our PhotoBooth Boothies will transports the booth to your event, set it up, manage the booth at your event then clear everything away. The booth takes less than 40 minutes to set up including load in.

Q. How does the booth work?
A. You push the silver button to start the process, The monitor will start a countdown and your guests can get ready to strike a pose! The camera takes a series of four photos, approx five seconds apart. At the end of the process your guests can pick up their pictures from the front of the booth after about 10-15 seconds

Q. How big is the booth – is it mobile?
A. The booth requires a footprint space of approximately  6ft x 4ft and is best positioned alongside a wall. It is extremely portable as it is broken down into panels. This means it can go upstairs or downstairs or wherever you want it to go.

Q. Can I get more copies of the pictures?
A. Based upon the package you choose this may be part of your deal. However if further copies are required this also can be arranged. Give us a call or email us.

Q. Can we have the event information printed on the pictures?
A. Yes – please call a member of our team who will be delighted to discuss your specific requirements with you. We can customise each print in many different ways.

Q. Can we brand the booth and /or the images  with our company logo?
A. Yes – there are several ways of doing this.  We have lots of experience working with big corporate events, movie premier’s, launch partys or simple promotions. Our booth is completely customisable and adaptable.please call a member of our team to discuss your specific requirements in 01 524 1700.

Q. Where can I see my event images?
A. www.PhotoBooth.ie/gallery is where all our event images are stored. You can access them for free here. (Galleries can be password protected if required).

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