What is a Photo Booth?
A Photo Booth is a private magical box providing a fun way for your guests to take home and share the memory of your special occasion. Our booths take a series of four separate pictures, either in colour or black and white.Photo booth prints are automatically printed 8 seconds after being taken and dispensed into the hand of the user. Your guests can go in the booth as individuals or they can get that photograph with friends and family that they have been meaning to get for years.

PhotoBooth Booth

How do I hire a photobooth?

You can request a quote online or call PhotoBooth directly on +353 1 524 1700

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What is a PhotoBooth Boothie?

A Photobooth Boothie is a highly trained enthusiastic PhotoBooth expert with a background in events management, marketing and a lifelong passion for photography.  The Boothie is there is ensure that you are getting the very best from your PhotoBooth experience and will remain at your event from start to finish.

Where can I get more information about PhotoBooth.ie ?

That’s easy – go to our FAQ’s Page where you will find all the info you need about our wonderful business and our amazing staff and service.

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